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                • Quicker
                  100 times

                  Application of DETECH automation equipment solution will improve production efficiency significantly. The up to 8.0s/100 times dispensing speed makes production more prompt.

                • Accurate

                  Actual production test data: ±1.0% high precision makes your product perfect and guarantees product quality

                • Reproducible

                  Over 99.99%/24h consistency improves check efficiency of quality managers and lowers production cost significantly

                Fluid solutions improve efficiency for power battery

                Detech is dedicated to the power battery industry, battery, module, PACK-related adhesion, heat conduction, sealing, solder joint protection and other all-fluid application process solutions. We can provide a coating system which meets the requirements of automatic and intelligent process monitoring and data acquisition.
                Cooperative enterprises: C customers, BYD, Yinlong, etc.

                Automatic glue coating system
                creates intelligent manufacturing vane

                Detech automatic glue coating system has been used in the automotive airbag adhesive, interior decoration, lamp adhesion, door, glass and other links, greatly improving the efficiency of automotive assembly and process quality.
                Cooperative enterprises: AUTOLIV, BOSCH, Magna and Inteva.

                Professional gluing, dispensing
                and potting in solar energy industry

                Solutions to all kinds of adhesive, dispensing, filling and other all-fluid application processes in solar energy industry are devoted.Professional sales, research and development, project, production and after-sales service team in solar industry provide professional customer demands analysis, solution delivery, project management delivery and other services.
                Cooperation enterprises: hanergy film, lerri salar, Trina Solar etc.

                Loudspeaker valve dispensing system
                with a global market share.

                Detech's screw valve dispensing system can realize precise control in dispensing process of cellphone speaker and receiver. With more than ten years of industrial application experience, we provide customers with precision screw valve bonding solutions in vibration film, voice coil, basin rack and other places, and are well-known in the global industry market.
                Cooperative enterprises: AAC technology, GoerTek acoustics, Delta Electronics, etc.